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Tying it all Together:

The Holistic 4th Trimester 

Date TBD: Contact for details

This workshop is a practical and hands-on exploratory course for parent/infant focused professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, lactation professionals, bodyworkers, midwives, doulas, pediatric focused dentists, and anyone else who is regularly seeing infants in their clinic. 

In this class we will discuss, experience, and practice hands-on bodywork (CST/MFR) tools to help with many common infant issues.  We will discuss the 4th trimester, infant development, and common issues and concerns we face in our clinics all from a holistic and collaborative perspective.


We will also take time to understand what tongue-tie is, how it affects the whole body, and what you can do to help within your scope of practice. We will also discuss, experience, and practice hands-on bodywork (CST/MFR) tools to help with this common issue.

Date: January 14-16, 2022.

Email for registration.

Early Bird (before 12/01/21): $850

Regular Price: $895 

Unwind: CST/MFR Certifying Workshops

Alexandria, MN

April 2023

Craniosacral Therapy is becoming a very popular modality due to its gentle yet powerful qualities.


Through this series, you will discover the beauty in subtlety, the power in softening, and deep healing through openness and vulnerability. You will learn to work with people of all ages confidently and thoroughly, and you will find you will be fully supported through a mentorship program, a study group, and each person in the class as they walk this journey alongside you.

About This Program:

This program was created to develop a deeper understanding of what CST/MFR is and to create a space where one can explore physical unwinding and energy work both as the acting practitioner and as the acting client. This is a workshop series set up in 6 weekend classes over about a year.

You will:

  • Learn what CST/MFR is, how it works, and who can benefit, ethical considerations 

  • Explore conditions that may benefit from CST/MFR 

  • Understand terminology, anatomy landmarks, and emotional attachments commonly associated with different areas of the body 

  • Learn to confidently feel energy and how to follow the physical “unwinding”

  • Understand the assessment tools to determine distorted patterns within the body and cranials. 

  • Learn the full basic and advanced CST protocol used with adults (including pregnant people), children, and infants

  • Develop a therapeutic presence and learn how to work with people in a CST session

  • Access to Mentorship

  • Resources for further learning to deepen the understanding of the work

Holistic Lactation for the Tongue-Tied Infant

Date TBD: Contact for more information

This is a lactation focused workshop for those who would like to hone their skills and develop a deeper understanding of the tongue-tie complex.


We will discuss tongue-tie in depth, covering what it is, how to assess, what else could be causing the problems we are seeing, and how to tell the difference.


We will also discuss the various barriers we as practitioners face as well as the parents of the tongue-tied infant and how to overcome and support parents regardless.


Experiential hours will be included. This workshop is open to all lactation professionals. If you are not a lactation professional but feel this class would be beneficial to you, please contact Brittney to discuss at 


Interested in a workshop? Contact us for registration and payment options!

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